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Portal de la Espondilitis Anquilosante

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits Unattended Installation, WDS screenshots and xml files

If you are looking for something use google cache or ctrl+f, else it will be difficult to find something in here...

UPDATE on Windows 7 64 bits and HP Laserjet 1000!
Also valid for Windows 2008 Server R2...
Install with compatibility mode for Windows 2000 on Windows 7, and Windows Vista on Windows 2k8.
the file to install is HPUPD41PCL5x64, google it cause i do not remember where i found it, i think from hp trying all kind of drivers.
Anyway if it is possible i upload it 7ziped in here: OK4hp1000---HPUPD41PCL5x64.7z
i had a new windows 7 home premium so i had to install hp laserjet 1000 again using virtual box, and this time i used that file.
So, hp laserjet 1000 will not work on Windows 2008 or windows 7, but will be recognized on windows xp running on virtual box.
before starting up windows xp, go to configuration and add the hp laserjet 1000 into the available and connected usbs...

Hp Laserjet 1000 and Windows 7 64 bits:

As seen in many forums, there s no way or easy way to find hp laserjet 1000 64 bits driver...
I have tried different drivers but none solved the 64 bits driver issue for me.
Some talked about sharing the printer on network so we could almost use the printer as a network shared printer...
I thought then to use Oracle Virtual Box, that allows to add usb devices to virtual guest machine (Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 do not seem to see usb devices; another option would be using vmware).
So, i installed an old Windows XP SP2 (32 bits) on Virtual Box. Then downloaded Windows XP drivers for HP Laserjet 1000:
lj1488en.exe (12 MB)

That driver is also valid for Windows 2000, so i could also had installed windows 2000 on virtual box.

i downloaded "HP LaserJet 1000 Printing Software Solution 5.05.0926.00 11 Feb 2002" from my host machine and then shared a folder with guest virtual box machine. But i could also download it from the guest machine, setting the virtual network card to NAT...
So, Virtual Box, Windows XP 32 bits, lj1488en.exe (xp, w2k hp laserjet 1000 32 bits driver). Okey, so i installed lj1488en.exe on guest windows XP and connected printer to host usb, and then added HP Laserjet 1000 to Virtual Box USB. Then Windows XP recognized printer and could print a test page... It sucks, but almost i can share a folder with the virtual machine and print to HP Laserjet 1000 from the virtual machine, while my host machine is still Windows 7 64 bits... (btw, not sure of benefits, if any, of running 64 bits, most stuff i installed today was for 32 bits, so where s the fun?)...

hope it s of help and not too much confusing...
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The Rock Radio Dot Com

Rock Radio Online with "Now Playing" page where not only you can see what s playing right now,
but you also have the lyrics of the song you are listening to.
So Nice, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones, UFO, Status Quo...

adding stuff:

nano ipod on windows 2000 - nano ipod asks for itunes v1.74 minimum to work and v1.74 doesnt support windows 2000, so it is useless to download itunes to try accesing the ipod. Instead MediaMonkey works fine on windows 2000 and supports nano ipod: (we should thank mediamonkey to make things so damn easier...i have read about people upgrading their windows 2000 to xp...i hate xp!!!)
not solved...after few days thinking it was solved, i had to log into xp to use a nano ipod. now i dont know if i have the slow, so slow, start up due to ipod install or due to loging into xp... would like to know what is causing this slow start up.... :-( guess i will retry installing backtrack see if i m lucky and i have a regular start up again.
NOT idea what happened first time, but i did it again and nothing changed this time :-( maybe services now? have backtrack with windows xp and windows 2000 and 3 hdds with 100, 200 and 300 gbs.
i m not sure if i had the slow start up before changing the 300 gbs hdd for a new 500 gbs hdd.
I made an image of the 300 gbs hdd and copied it to the 500 gbs, so to have few apparent changes.
i had no idea how to make my computer have a faster start up into windows.
I upgraded ram, i scanned disks for errors, defragmented them... and finnally i thought it was just due to amount of gbs.
Today i went back to backtrack and was first time after changing HDD.
My surprise was a kernel panic error wich i couldnt understand cause i have no idea of linux stuff. i just use few things and 2 or 3 commands...
Well, after trying to boot backtrack 3 times and thinking the only new hardware that could cause error was the new hdd,
i used the live-cd, once in and all working fine,
i reinstalled it to the old partition and rewriting the mbr (no option anyway to not rewrite it in the backtrack installer window).
Then, i rebooted, and i couldnt believe how fast i got into windows again. i even rebooted to be sure.
So i cant explain what was causing windows to start slowly
(the slow time was just before getting the login box or just before or while loading windows desktop),
but seems that reinstalling backtrack or solving the sporious error (doknow what trying to access hardware...) or maybe rewriting the mbr,
even if it s not the same hdd and mbr that loads windows.... solved something that was slowing windows start-up...
bla bla bla, l8r ;-)

An error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file C:\WINNT\system32\hotplug.dll.
I always left DOUBLE clicked the Unplug or Eject Hardware to remove usb devices but since some days i only get that error message, and i cant remember what i exactly installed that had caused this issue.
Going to My PC and right click on usb hard drive to choose eject doenst seems to be a solution. Same thing for goping on add/remove hardware from control panel.
Only thing i have read that seems to solve this is a windows repair, but even if someone said that after a repair you dont need to reinstall programs, i m not sure of that (if it s true i will probably have to reinstall windows updates anyway). I also have read something about a sfc /scannow and no idea if it would solve it without making more problems.
And last thing i found in a forum was that we can just left SINGLE click, only ONE time, to get a sub menu from the Unplug or Eject Hardware icon near the windows clock. And amazingly that one worked without giving any error. So i will just make one click on icon to remove usb devices instead of opening the unplug window as i used to do (almost till i read a solution for the hotplug.dll error or i get a big BSOD and i have to reinstall windows lol)...
Avant Browser - adding bookmarks created with Avant Browser and not with Internet Explorer. Those Favorites links or folders are not under the default IE folder (documents and settings \user X\Favorites) but inside the file: bookmarks.dat located at: X:\Documents and Settings\User X\Application Data\Avant Profiles\.default\bookmarks So as i wanted to copy those favs from User X to another user (with a fresh AB install), i went to his Avant Profiles folder and copied under bookmarks the bookmarks.dat file. It only affects favorites created under Avant Browser and not those created with IE.
Bad partition table error - Partition magic: bad partition table - blue screen of death... hdd not accesible - cannot explore partitions...
I thought i should format a hard drive but i wanted to recover data from it. Only way i found out after googling about bad partition table and looking for something i could use from windows is: Partition Table Doctor
If id idnt read wrong, demo version wont recover partition table. There should be other programs doing this and maybe some free around but i didnt found them. So i checked disk and recovered partition table with interactive option (that way, if it finds previous operating systems installs and i guess different tables, you can choose the last one froma menu). Ah! i had to reboot system after recovering partition table from that hard drive and then can see the hard drive.
Well, the program rocks, i have access to all data right now. i dont know if it would boot in computer since i cant try it, was from another pc that isnt nearby right now. Partition magic only gave me the error about Bad partition table but i have no clue how to recover it with PM and if it is posible...Good Luck.

Cloning Partition - I used to copy a partition from a 40gb hdd to an old 4gb hdd, just clone windows and few stuff... Need to have at least one SEAGATE HDD (maybe now even with at least one MAXTOR HDD). I couldnt used it on a computer with only a SAMSUNG HDD...
Seagate - Maxtor - Maxblast

about p2p, emule, fake servers, server list and ipfilter...What you should had read about, long long time ago...

So nice!!! Anouk has in her sites the posibility to watch some of her video clips for free. Check em at:

I love Battlestar Galactica and i even think i will see all seasons, even those from 1978 and 1980, more than twice lol. Check new seasons at:
Check these online movies:
Also check:
And a must i just found, to download flv files you see around, check it:, and from their menu box you will know other sites with lot of videos.


Please scroll down page and check MySpace MP3 Player at bottom of page with some sonic youth mp3s and more.

Look for spanish (Castellano) words at :
Real Academia Española  |   RAE. NTLLE.

+ java applet #1
+ java applet #2
Search WWW Search

  Can be your proxie ip

I use one exe from:

Temporary links and tips

mkv to avi - first audio track - nosubs: after extracting subs, audio tracks with other programs and not knowing how to convert aac and video so that i could use it on virtualdub to make a new avi, i end using amadis video converter that did its job correctly:
In some forums some people asked why convert a mkv file to divx since we would lose the availability of different audio tracks and subs. My reason to convert to divx is to have a file i can play on a hdd mediaplayer like this one: Connection N&C LHD3.5 MP with LCD

About video converting: Total Video Converter (flv to avi)
To convert real media: RealProducer Basic (Free)

i was using keepvid to download all youtubes and so videos...then found places i couldnt find the url for keepvid. Best way then is playing entire video, then go to *:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and once video has ended playing, refresh the folder and find a swf file of some megabytes, copy it to another folder, and 'voila', now you can play it offline with a flv player ( -;-)
ah! Administrator or the name of your user account.

Download streaming files like asx, asf... with:
Watch 2007 Live Earth Videos at:

downloading dailymotion videos...instead of using websites with links to download flv videos, just watch the video and look inside your temporary folder for flv files, copy them outside and watch them with a flv player. it s been already downloaded to temp folder so why download it twice...

Windows XP sp2- BSOD - If dual boot and so, after choosing Windows XP you see how it loads but at certain point it restarts computer. You can even choose with F8 trying to enter with safe mode but it keeps restarting. Once you try disabling reset when encoutering an error, you find a blue screen of death talking about winlogon.exe and STOP 0xC000021A...
You can surf around and people talking about a virus with winlogon.exe, also that winlogon is a critical process... Seems some anti-spyware gonna give a false positive or maybe not a false positive but gonna end deleting winlogon.exe from C:\WINDOWS\system32\
In this case, i searched for the sp2 update pack WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-***.exe, extracted it using winrar to a folder and copied winlogon.ex_ from **\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-***\i386 to my WINDOWS\system32\ folder.
Then start->run->cmd and once the black window opened went to my WINDOS\system32\ folder typing cd c:\WINDOWS\system32\ (C:\ or whatever partition you installed your windows xp) and then incompressed winlogon.ex_ typing: expand winlogon.ex_ winlogon.exe
Now restarted pc and could log finally into windows XP. So that works in case winlogon disappeared from windows\system32\ folder or it got corrupted....GL!!!

How to make urls of outlook express open in a new window
So as said on microsoft site, to open jpg files in new window we just have to open a folder, then choose Tools->Folder Options->File Types
->look for jpg extension->select JPG and press on Advanced->Select Open->Edit->Uncheck DDE->ok->ok->close
->And now we are supposed to close all browser or folders and try it.

All that was for windows 2000.
Googling found how to make shorcuts open in new windows: thx to techrepublic poster
To refresh cache of browser, just hold CTRL while pressing or choosing refresh from browser
Seagate Reg48bitLBA_for_Windows_XP_SP1_and_W2K_SP3
Well, if u changed your mobo or whatever and have lost a partition and you notice size of your hard drive is 134gbs and not 200,300...gbs. Before trying to recover partition with any program, try Reg48bitLBA, even on windows 2000 sp4. I changed mobo cause i burned my chipset, had to underclock to have less hangs...and then my maxtor sata 200gbs was recognized by windows with less gbs and with an invalid partition...on bios it was 200gbs. oki doki, gl!!!

When you change mobo, put in your windows 2000 cd and choose install as if u were going to install a new windows, but after that choose repair your old windows. You wont get the bsod but you will have to reinstall lot of stuff, also iexplorer and critical updates...I forgot that it was install->repair and went doing repair->M->L...and lost time for nothing. I'm not sure now but i think had read uninstalling hardware from hardware devices-shutdown-replace mobo-relog...never tried that so not sure it woudl work.
zstatus.exe from hp printer was running me mad cause i couldnt end it as process from task manager. So run cmd or command from Windows Start menu, and type in your console: tlist, check number (pid) that has the process u want to kill, and then just type kill xxxx where xxxx is the number that appears before process you want to kill. You can type kill /? or kill /help to have more options. If kill alone doesnt kill process you can force it typing kill -f xxxx.
Some rar files appeared to be corupt or couldnt be unziped. Well, i tried this program and i could extract content:
A must for noobs like me hehe. Sometimes i feel the need to disable some services from windows 2000 and without checking real function of such service. Is what i did yesterday for 2nd time lol. I disabled the rpc service and found myself without being abble to see the properties tabs and without being abble to close such invisible windows. I also found myself with other services that couldnt start and so on. lol, nice thing is that i couldnt enable again the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service.
Hopefully i found some years ago this site where you can download an exe that will enable and stop some services dependind and what you want for security reasons. Option i used was all options sugested from site i think, anyway if you choose option not enabling back rpc, you can execute it again. Files are svc2kxp.cmd and that contains sc.exe and you can find them at:
Who is alive and answers to ping in lan? if ping not blocked lol. I use angry ip scanner sometimes in my own lan. Today cause i cannot use ethereal on it to see who is alive around....:
Can not locate TvTuner filter (hauppauge...) error. WinTv32. WinTv2000. Instead of reinstalling or rebooting, just go to My Computer Properties, Hardware, Device Manager. Then select "Sound, video and game controllers" and then Disable, wait to auto refresh, and Enable both drivers:
-Hauppauge WinTV 878/9 WDM Aux Driver
-Hauppauge WinTV 878/9 WDM Video Driver
Then retry to launch wintv or radio. In mycase only doing that solved my problem. good luck ;-)
HexWorkshop vs Hauppauge WinTV IR.
WinTV Remote Controller->right click->WINTV2K.ESE
Instead of seeing tv, Hex Workshop opens the exe.
radio.ese ok -- wintv32k.exe->hex workshop also opens it.
Hauppauge Wintv Infrared Remote, I try to reinstall it.
I use this file that is also an upgrade from version i had: ir32_245_22267.exe
WinTV IR32 Win9x/NT/2K/XP 2.45.22267
(c)2000-2004 Hauppauge Computer Works
I install it without previous uninstall
Perfect, now ir works fine and i also upgraded it. (*not totally solved, maybe something i installed has make it change again, now from remote control i open hexworkshop when switching to radio...*)


Link to a very nice and well done site of Nastassja Kinski is: